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Post-Apocalyptic-Themed Restaurant Infuses Virtual Reality Into Your Dining Experience

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new post-apocalyptic-themed restaurant in Fishtown features a virtual reality lounge where patrons can escape their entrees and cocktails to immerse themselves in augmented reality.

Mad Rex is the first Philly restaurant to infuse VR technology into their concept.

The VR lounge is run by students, most from Drexel University. Like Daye Kassie, the Assistant Director of Entertainment.

"Videos about space travel, beach sunrise, games where you can shoot zombies and skydive," Kassie said.

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"So, when somebody comes in we usually offer them our free complimentary intro to VR experience which is just a bunch of different clips," he explained. "It's about two minutes long and after that they can look through our menu and we have 30 plus experiences they can choose from."

While they say V-R is best experienced with other people, there is a VIP Chamber where guests can partake in VR behind a closed glass door.

"There's nine swivel chairs that you can sit in," he said. "They're swivel chairs because all the videos and games are 360 degrees."

Mad Rex has also created an online community where members can engage with other fans.

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