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Volunteers Clear Shelves And Refurbish Martin Luther King High School Library

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Martin Luther King High School in Germantown was spruced up on Friday thanks to more than 100 volunteers.

Martin Luther King High School's library was unattended, underfunded and neglected. Many of the books were last checked out decades ago. Rob McNeill is managing partner of Deloitte Philadelphia, he was among 125 Deloitte volunteers working hard.

Library catalog
Photo credit: KYW's John McDevitt

"What we are doing is getting rid of all the old books we are cleaning it up," McNeill said. "We are painting it cougar colors, purple and yellow, we are turning it into a place that the students can actually use it. They can access the books and the community can come in, so we purchased furniture desks chairs work stations and things."

Also, one of the computer labs on Friday received much needed attention as well.  In addition, paint was freshened and trash bags on the windows, previously serving as shades, blocking the sun were removed.

Photo credit: KYW's John McDevitt

Mica Navarrro Lopez is partnership coordinator with the School District of Philadelphia and said he is so happy the community came together to improve the community.

"We are so grateful Deloitte's leadership in doing this project, we would love to see more companies you know come join us and partner with us. The office of strategic partnerships will always answer the phone and answer your emails and would love to come plug people in to other schools that are ready to receive them and do a great job together."

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