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Villanova University Offers Course On Conspiracy Theories

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Villanova University is offering students a class in something far from 'English 101.' The class is dealing with some of the nations biggest questions in a class focusing on conspiracy theories.

Derek Arnold says conspiracy theories have been around for centuries, but got a foothold in mass consciousness in 1963.

"JFK was, I think, the lightning rod, in a way because here's something with a famous person," Arnold said. "Here's something that happened in front of many thousands of people, right there and yet, we still can't agree 50 years later what actually happened and who did that."

Arnold, who is a communications professor, said in today's social media driven times, there is even more fertile ground for conspiracy theories. He said with or without journalistic training, blogs, Twitter and other media provide forums for discussion, and anyone can participate.

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