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Share Your Thoughts: Big Game Commercials

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While the big game regularly draws record numbers of viewers, there's another aspect of the Super Bowl that's just as compelling as the action on the field: the commercials.

Now, certain advertisers have decided to up the anticipation by releasing snippets of their advertisements on YouTube.

Mercedes-Benz, for one, has released a clip that shows Kate Upton wearing a low-cut top and watching football players wash a car. The clip has already received millions of views on YouTube.

In its first Super Bowl commercial, Gildan Activewear's clip shows a man waking up with furry handcuffs on.

Here are some other commercial clips:


Kraft's Mio

Taco Bell



Go Daddy





Be sure to log on during the big game and tell what you think. What's your favorite and why? Share your thoughts below, or via Facebook or Twitter

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