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VIDEO: Driver Catches Man Clinging To Back Of Moving Bus

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (CBS Local) - Drivers in Florida are wondering if there's something in the water after another man was caught on video hanging onto the back of a moving bus instead of paying for a seat.

In a July 23 video, posted by Facebook user Chris Martin, an unidentified man was caught clinging to the Broward County Transit bus's air vents as he balanced precariously on the vehicle's bumper.

The hitchhiker can be seen taking one of his hands off the bus to dance when he saw the driver filming the dangerous stunt. Both Martin and transit officials in Pompano Beach don't know if the man eventually jumped off or was injured during his potentially deadly incident.

The shocking scene has become a disturbing trend in Florida this summer. The bus hitchhiker is actually the third person to be recorded clinging to a fast-moving vehicle in the last two months.

In June, a South Florida man was caught hanging onto the hood of his ex-girlfriend's car while she was speeding down I-95 in Miami at nearly 70 mph.

Another man was also caught doing the same thing a few weeks later near the same road in Miami, according to the Miami Herald.

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