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VIDEO: Dallas Fans Throw Things At Cowboys Players, Or Referees, Following Playoff Loss To 49ers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- After the Eagles lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, there was only one thing that could brighten the day for fans -- a Dallas Cowboys loss, and that's just what the doctor ordered.

Following the game, NFL Network's Jane Slater posted a video of fans throwing things at Cowboys players, or referees as some would like to argue, as they ran off the field. It doesn't matter if players or refs were the targets, it's not the best look for the fanbase.

"#Cowboys fans throwing things at their own players," Slater tweeted. "Got this sent to me by one. Be better fans wow!"

People jumped at the opportunity to note that if Eagles fans would have done something similar, the fanbase would be criticized.

"But Eagles fans get a bad reputation from stuff that happened in the 70s," DubsByBino tweeted.

"Wooo buddy. If this was Philly, it would be the lead on every national show for the next two weeks," Jason Dumas tweeted.

"Good thing it wasn't at [a] guy in a costume as a fictional character otherwise they'd talk about it for the next 70 years," FanSince09 tweeted.

The Cowboys lost to the 49ers in dramatic fashion Sunday. With 14 seconds left in the game, QB Dak Prescott ran the ball for a first down but didn't leave himself enough time to get another play off before the game ended. Watch the video of the final play below.

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