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Veterans Take Part In VA Medical Center Town Hall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The VA Medical Center in West Philadelphia conducted another of its quarterly town hall meetings on Tuesday to gather input from the people it serves.

About 25 veterans gathered in a seventh-floor auditorium in the VA Medical Center to ask questions about care and offer suggestions on how to make it better.

Al Veitiello is a Vietnam-era vet from Southwest Philadelphia.

"It's a good chance for veterans like me and other veterans that utilize this facility to make recommendations on how they could improve on things, what things maybe that they haven't even thought of yet that are gonna help not just this generation of veterans but future generations to come, " he said.

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Daniel Hendee is the VA Medical Center director.

"There are things that we don't necessarily see from day-to-day that veterans see that gives us this immediate feedback so that we can address it and have that part of our problem-solving that we do each and every day," Hendee said.

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