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Veteran's Prosthetic Leg Stolen Outside Of Lincoln Financial Field

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Police are looking for a woman who allegedly stole the prosthetic leg of a disabled Vietnam War veteran in a wheelchair outside of Lincoln Financial Field.

It happened around 8:30 p.m. Sunday during the Eagles game with the New York Giants.

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The victim, Sonny Forriest Jr., who performs for fans outside of the "Linc" during home Eagles games, tells police he was singing when a group of women surrounded him and one of them took his prosthetic leg that was secured to the back of his motorized wheelchair.

"A young lady accosted me," Forriest said. "Jumped in my lap, broke my microphone, jumped up and said, 'Oh, I'll pay for it.' Then I said, 'Just leave me alone.' Then I turned my head and turned back around, and she was cutting through the cars and she was running with my leg, and I didn't even know it."

Forriest says he doesn't want the thief who stole his prosthetic leg jailed, but rather, sentenced to work with those who must deal with the challenges he faces everyday.

"She thought it was fun, I believe," he said. "You know, because she was really inebriated."

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He says he last saw the young woman running across a parking lot. The leg was recovered on a Broad Street Subway train at Fern Rock Station several hours later.

Forriest, with great difficulty, made his way to South Detective Division to retrieve it.

Police have no suspects, but investigators were reviewing SEPTA surveillance video hoping to identify the thief.

"She needs to get down on her knees and pray to God that doesn't happen to her or she doesn't get sick or become disabled," Forriest said. "And she should go ahead and use her brain for something more than just a beer bottle or liquor bottle."

Investigators say they are searching for a woman in her mid 20's ,wearing an Eagles jersey and jeans. They are hoping surveillance video from the stadium complex and SEPTA might yield some clues.

Adding to the hurt of the crime, yesterday was Forriest's 57th birthday.

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