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Veterans, first responders with brain injuries can now get treatment at new Willow Grove facility

New facility for first responders, vets with brain injuries opens in Willow Grove
New facility for first responders, vets with brain injuries opens in Willow Grove 02:28

WILLOW GROVE, Pa. (CBS) -- Veterans and first responders with brain injuries have a new facility for treatment in Willow Grove.

The MossRehab Institute for Brain Health is now in its new stand-alone facility. Patients said having everything under one roof is more than just convenient.

Eric Seibert, a veteran, is now in art therapy at the MossRehab Institute for Brain Health.

"Thoughts and expressions come a lot easier," Seibert said.

Seibert, who was in the Army, has brain injuries from bomb explosions in Iraq.

"It was very disastrous," Seibert said.

Seibert suffered from physical and emotional injuries that are now all being addressed with the new comprehensive program at MossRehab.

"I'm a lot more present about all the things I'm trying to do," Seibert said.

In addition to better mental focus, Seibert's balance issues are also treated with a high-tech treadmill.

"Learning how to move efficiently again is something you take for granted until you're damaged," Seibert said.

The new facility is designed specifically for veterans and first responders who have brain injuries and address their unique physical, social and emotional needs.

"Putting all these types of therapies together in one program happening at the same time is more impactful," Kate O'Rourke, the operations director at MossRehab's Institute for Brain Health, said.

"It's important to treat veterans and first responders that have given so much to their community," she added.

Part of the treatment includes work with Bayley, the facility dog, who is trained for special kinds of interactions to engage and motivate patients.

"I feel like I have hope again," Suzie Graham, a veteran, said.

Graham, with the Navy, was at the facility from San Diego to get treatment for a brain injury from a fall.

"I'm finding new ways to learn and process information," Graham said.

Graham gets help with balance from the virtual reality exercise and her depression is being worked on in psychological therapy sessions that are essential for everyone in the program.

"This is the best thing that's ever happened to me," Graham said.

MossRehab's institute is one of 16 federally-funded traumatic brain injury sites.

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