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Verizon Rolls Out Near-Gigabit Internet Speeds In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- You probably don't need to stream five HD movies at the same time as you download email attachments and browse the web, but Verizon has just switched on an Internet upgrade that makes it possible in Philadelphia and several other cities.

The Fios Gigabit Connection gets pretty close to its advertised name, zipping downloads at 940 Mbps and allowing you to upload video, pictures, and everything else almost as fast (around 880 Mbps).

Verizon says it's 20 times speedier Internet "than what most people have today."

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The standalone cost: $70/month -- which, according to the company, is "priced so millions can enjoy it."

Google charges the same for its Fiber gigabit service -- but it's not in Philly.

RCN runs gig to customers here over cable. Comcast hasn't yet announced when it would bring such residential speeds to its hometown.

You may not be able to use all the Internet that 1,000 megabits per second provides -- at least not yet. More devices, connected home appliances, and 4K (and 8K) streaming video will require speed and a slew of simultaneous connections available (the Fios product can link to 100 at once).

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