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Sisters revive East Falls shop, with emphasis on supporting local Black, women-owned businesses

Vault + Vine in East Falls thriving with renewed business commitment to community
Vault + Vine in East Falls thriving with renewed business commitment to community 02:26

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Nestled between two towering apartment buildings along Midvale Avenue in East Falls is a hidden gem. Step inside and find a place to rest amid the lush green foliage with a comforting cup of coffee at Vault + Vine.

"There are so many things to see that you're not going to find anywhere else," Vine + Vault co-owner Breana Baye said.

Breana co-owns Vault + Vine with her sister, Diana Baye.

"We get our flowers from local farms," Diana said. "We get our pastries and everything that we have from local bakeries. Everything about this place is about local and community."

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It was a resource in East Falls that was too valuable to lose. A year ago, the shop, under a previous owner, was in jeopardy of closing. So Diana, who was just a loyal customer at the time, worked with her sister to save it.

"This was not a part of the plan," Diana said, "it just was something I was passionate about."

The pair bought the plant, coffee and gift shop, added seating to one of the greenhouses and renewed the business' commitment to the community.

"It fosters a lot more camaraderie," Diana said, "a lot more community when you're able to sit and have conversations, and talk to people from your community that you didn't even know were here."

However, the mission goes beyond fostering conversation and you can see it on the store shelves: Philly small businesses are everywhere.

"These have been blended right here in East Falls," Breana said. "Very local."

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There's tea from Sabali Tea Company, then there are wellness brands, like Mind Your Grace and Sage'N ish.

"All three -- Black, women-owned businesses -- first time in a retail shop," Diane said. "And they have been doing very well. I am very happy for them because just getting on a shelf is exciting."

Their success, though, doesn't come easy.

Neither of the Baye sisters had experience with coffee, plants, floral arrangements or retail before Vault + Vine, however, they've realized help comes to those who ask for it.

"Literally ask for help. We are a community," Breana said. "You'd be surprised how many people want to help you when they see you trying to do something."

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