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Upper Darby residents search for answers as sinkhole problems emerge

Sinkhole problems emerge in Upper Darby
Sinkhole problems emerge in Upper Darby 01:56

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) -- CBS News Philadelphia is working to get answers about sinkhole problems in Upper Darby.

Some homeowners reached out to us about what they say are expanding sinkholes around their properties.

Saint Anthony Drive neighbors in Upper Darby are praying to find some answers. They are asking why is the ground caving around their homes?

"I have three kids and it's just a concern that anybody can go back there and who knows what will happen, if the ground gives way," Jeremy said. 


"I could be standing out there some day and all the sudden, boom," Patty Starzi said. "There I go down the hole."

Neighbors say the sinkholes have been growing wider and deeper. They took their case to social media, pleading for weeks with Upper Darby Township officials to pay attention and get to the bottom of the situation.

CBS Philadelphia reached out to the mayor and her team for comment on Tuesday morning, but it went unanswered.

But Township Council President Brian Burke showed up after we messaged him for comment.

"Tomorrow we have a council meeting and I'll ask the mayor and administration what's going on," Burke said. 


Burke noted sewer lines in the area of this sinkhole, believing they could be the culprit. He shared the neighbors alarm, thinking the area should at least be roped off.

"But the sinkhole, I'm a little concerned," Burke said. "It's a good size. Something is going on."

For now, people like Starzi are anxious for some help.

"My fear is not really knowing what's going on underground and that my house is going to sink into the hole," Starzi said.

CBS Philadelphia reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection, but a spokesperson said they were unaware of any complaints and encouraged people to reach out to their office.

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