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'It Was Really, Really Terrifying': Upper Darby Police Investigating Possible Poisoning After 2 Kittens Found Convulsing On Lawn

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) -- There is fear Thursday for pets in Upper Darby as police are investigating a possible poisoning. Animal rescue crews are working to save two kittens' lives after a woman found them convulsing on her lawn.

The fear is they were poisoned.

"It almost looked fake," Noelle Gesualdo said. "It was really, really terrifying and disturbing to see."

Gesualdo described the scene she found Thursday afternoon when she got home from grocery shopping.

"It was laying right here underneath the rose bush, kind of in front of the fence," she said.

Then hours later, rescue crews found a second kitten behind her garage.

"It looked like it was convulsing in some way," Gesualdo said. "And it was panting. It was having some sort of respiratory distress."

cat providence animal center
(Credit: Providence Animal Center)

Gesualdo is not a veterinarian, but she is a dog owner. She says the concern now is for her 9-year-old Yorkie, Nina, and other animals in the area.

"As soon as I found the cat," she said, "I locked my dog in the house. She's been inside all day."

The kittens are now being cared for at the Providence Animal Center in Media.

The center posted a video showing one of the kittens cleaned up and playing. It's not clear if they were poisoned.

Simba is fighting for his life after potentially being poisoned in Upper Darby. We just got word there are others. Humane Officer Riggle is working to rescue them as we speak.

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Workers at the center say they could have been dehydrated, have rabies or suffering from heat-related illnesses.

However, the neighborhood is on edge. Someone is posting flyers to telephone poles and leaving them in mailboxes.

animal cruelty flyer
(Credit: CBS3)

Tim Yurek received one when he got home from work.

"In this day and age when people are so divided, one would think one issue where people could agree on is that we wouldn't be poisoning innocent animals," Yurek said.

"I do not know who would do such a thing," Gesualdo said. "I can't align myself with people who could be that cruel to animals."

CBS3's Howard Monroe reports.

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