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Upcoming Puerto Rican Day Festivities Prompt Warning From Philadelphia Police

By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA(CBS) -- With Philadelphia's Puerto Rican Day parade and festival less than a week away, police are issuing a warning to those who might want to crash the party.

Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel, who commands the patrol division, says he wants to put parade and festival goers on notice that bad behavior won't be tolerated in any part of the city.

He especially pointed to two, alcohol-free, after-parade celebration areas which are being set up Sunday, September 28 at Fairhill Park at 4th and Lehigh Streets and Lighthouse Field at Front and Erie Streets.

"I will guarantee you that if you come through the thing with an ATV or a dirt bike, we will be taking them," Bethel said. "Last year, we took over a hundred ATVs. We'll be stepping up that enforcement. That activity is totally unacceptable and puts a number of these young people who are out and about in harm's way."

Bethel also warned that hanging out of moving cars, spinning and screeching tires, and occupying intersections in unauthorized celebrations will also bring a firm police response.

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