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Unusual Genetic Condition Is The Subject Of Fundraising Walk Next Week In Delco

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A walk next weekend aims to bring attention to a rare syndrome that results in learning disabilities, but an extremely outgoing personality as well.

"It does bring up challenges, but there are also amazing, amazing beautiful gifts that come along with it."

Erin Putman of Haddon Heights describes Williams Syndrome as a rare genetic condition characterized by developmental delays and a limited IQ along with cardiovascular and digestive problems, but also an extreme love of music and a complete lack of social inhibitions.

"They don't understand stranger danger. They want to shake everybody's hand. They want to meet everybody and interact with everybody."

Putman's nearly four-year-old son Evan is among the 20,000 Americans with Williams.

A walk next Sunday morning, May 17, at Wilson Farm Park in Wayne is being held to raise awareness, and money for research.

williams syndrome 1
(credit: Erin Putman)

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