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Politics Of Inclusion Takes Center Stage At University Of Delaware Forum With Biden, Kasich

NEWARK, Del. (CBS) -- Former Vice President Joe Biden shared a stage at the University of Delaware with Ohio Governor and onetime presidential contender John Kasich. They discussed how Democrats and Republicans can get along, and get things done, in today's politically hostile environment.

Things have deteriorated over time, and it'll take time to turn things around. Biden suggests fear has led to demagoguery and an unwillingness to work together.

"You've seen a direct attack for a year and a half on the courts," Biden told over 600 attendees of the forum. "And the second thing you've seen is you see this direct attack on the free press. What are the two things to protect and prevent the abuse of power? The courts and the press."

Kasich turned to the concept of loving God and neighbor and how people have gotten away from the second part of that equation.

"So many of these Evangelicals now deciding that politics should be interspersed with religion," Kasich said, "and it's no place unless you're talking morality like Martin Luther King did. But when I look across our culture, I being to wonder have we all lost our way? "

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The men agreed that over time partisanship has gotten out of hand. Kasich believes both political parties have played to their base.

"Why the Democrats go out of the window on health care? Well, because if you don't stand behind Obamacare, Bernie and the boys will come and get you," Kasich said. "And if you're Republican and you try to cross the base of the Republican Party, they come get you in a primary."

As a result, Biden insisted the divide makes it increasingly difficult to govern.

"Both political parties are moving to the extremes," the former vice president added. "The center is shrinking and that doesn't mean the center per se is good. But God. How can you run this country without reaching a consensus?"

Biden and Kasich agree that President Donald Trump's demeanor and political inexperience are doing long-term damage to the country.

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