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Union Official Calls Camden County Policing Plan a Union-Busting Tactic

By David Madden

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) -- The union that represents Camden, NJ police officers is none too happy with an announcement that work is now underway to form a Camden County police department to replace the city's force (see related story).

John Williamson, who heads up the Camden FOP, insists there's lots of blame to go around but points a specific finger at the State of New Jersey for Camden's current status as one of America's "most dangerous" cities.

"This is definitely something that is being pushed by special interests to break our contract," Williamson tells KYW Newsradio.  "They mask it under the guise of having a public safety crisis, but this is a public safety crisis that was created by them."

The union is teaming up with community leaders upset that the idea of a countywide force was never put to a public referendum.

Williamson says he is ready to do whatever is necessary, including a possible lawsuit, to block the planned consolidation.


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