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Union Members Celebrate Labor Day With Columbus Boulevard Parade

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- From sheet metal workers to teachers, union members marched along Columbus Boulevard this morning to celebrate Labor Day.

Hundreds of workers, each wearing their union's colored t-shirts took to the street in an annual display of solidarity.

Ray Guzman, a teacher at Swenson Arts and Technology High School, says marching alongside laborers and janitors and white collar workers, gives him an appreciation for the rights earned by unions over the years.

"On a day like today, where you get to see people from different work forces, it kind of reminds us that a lot of people worked very hard to guarantee things that we take for granted," Guzman said.

Including health insurance, sick leave and work rules. For many union leaders, the parade served as a political rally to energize the base for this fall's governor's race.

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