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Uber To Launch 'Uber Pet' Option In Philadelphia To Allow Non-Service Animals On Trips

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Non-service animals will soon be allowed on Uber rides. The ridesharing company announced Wednesday it's piloting "Uber Pet" and Philadelphia will be one of the first seven cities in the country where the option will be tested.

The pet-friendly option will allow riders to bring a non-service animal on an Uber trip for an extra cost of about $4 to $5.

"Uber Pet was specifically designed for riders who are pet owners," Ubers spokesman Harry Hartfield says. "The new product allows the rider to pay a small surcharge for an option to bring their animal friend(s) on their Uber trip and know that their pickup won't be canceled."

Drivers who agree to pick up riders with pets will receive a portion of the surcharge, on top of their base fare earnings.

Drivers who may not want to take pets can opt-out of "Uber Pet" but will still be required to accept service animals on trips. Uber says service animals are always allowed to ride at all times, at no extra cost.

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