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Uber Driver Who Tipped Himself $100 Using New Jersey Rider's Phone Let Go, Company Says

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --The Uber driver who tipped himself $100 and gave himself a five-star rating by using a rider's phone has been let go. An Uber spokesperson confirmed to CBS3 on Friday that the driver's access to the app has been removed and the rider was issued a full refund.

Donna Wilson-Booker, who lives in Burlington County, New Jersey, was furious after an Uber driver used her phone to tip himself $100 and provide himself a glowing rating on the app.

Wilson-Booker described the incident on her Facebook page on Tuesday. She says she and her boyfriend ordered an Uber from Philadelphia International Airport to their home in Burlington County on Monday evening.

According to Wilson-Booker, the driver missed a turn on their route home -- which she says was also on his GPS -- when she directed him to the next exit.

When the ride ended, the driver asked Wilson-Booker if he could adjust the route on her Uber app because the company is strict about off-route routes, she says.

She gave the driver her phone with the Uber app open when he then tipped himself $100 and gave himself a five-star rating.

Wilson-Booker says she didn't noticed what happened until later that night when she checked the app and then immediately filed a complaint to Uber through the app and on Twitter.

Uber said Friday the company is "deeply committed to the safety of our riders.  We have issued a full refund to this rider and have removed the driver's access to the app."

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