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NJ Car Repair Shop Offering Drivers Hundreds Of Dollars In Savings By Teaching Them How To Repair Own Vehicles

PALMYRA, N.J. (CBS) -- A South Jersey car repair shop is offering drivers hundreds of dollars in savings by teaching them how to repair their own vehicles.

U Wrench It, located in Palmyra, allows drivers to rent a space in the shop by the hour, where trained technicians guide drivers on how to do common car repairs, like oil changes and brake pad replacements, or complex projects, like replacing an engine.

"[I] really am trying to empower everybody to save money and do things themselves," Matthew Alphonse, the owner of U Wrench It, said. "Seeing the actual emotion that's drawn to the repairs is really awesome to experience."

According to the car parts retailer AutoZone, mechanics typically charge $115 to $270 per axle to replace brake pads.

Alphonse charges $50-an-hour to rent a car lift, receive one-on-one guidance from a technician and have access to all the equipment needed to complete the job, which typically takes an hour to complete.

Matthew Roana came to U Wrench It to replace the engine in his BMW SUV.

"I basically had two options. Either get rid of the car or try to fork up a little over $18,000 for the BMW dealership," Roana said. "I was kind of worried because it was kind of a big job."

Alphonse has been guiding Roana, who's not a trained technician, through the entire repair process.

Roana estimated he'll ultimately spend about $1,200 to replace his engine.

"When the car's running, you have a sense of pride," Roana said. "It's a very unique feeling that I haven't experienced since I was a kid."

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