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Two Pa. Lawmakers Propose Diverting Some Gambling Taxes For Philadelphia Schools

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia School Reform Commission meets tonight to vote on next year's budget, while the debate continues on how to provide more city cash for the district.

The school district budget assumes it is getting an additional $94 million from Mayor Nutter's "AVI" (Actual Value Initiative) property reassessment.   But AVI is far from a done deal, and Pennsylvania state representative Mike O'Brien (D-Phila., at left in photo) would like to see the city put the brakes on.

"I would like to make sure that we give ourselves time to vet this out properly," he said today.

O'Brien and fellow Democratic representative Rosita Youngblood have a "Plan B."  They held a hearing today on their bill that would divert $86 million in gambling revenues earmarked for city wage tax relief, and give it to the school district.

But Stephen Miskin, spokesman for the House majority leader, says Pennsylvania House Republicans have no interest in diverting revenue from tax relief.

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