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TV EXCLUSIVE: CBS 3 Goes On Patrol With Record-Breaking K-9 Team in Camden

By Cleve Bryan

CAMDEN, N.J., (CBS) -- His name is Zero and Camden County Police say he's a valuable tool when it comes to getting the bad guys.

In a TV Exclusive, Eyewitness News Reporter Cleve Bryan introduces us to a record-breaking police K-9 who's helping to take a real bite out of crime.

Meet Zero, he's a Camden police dog bad guys don't want to mess with.

"This is the police, you're under arrest, I have a trained police dog. If you don't surrender he will fight you and bite you."

Camden County Police took only Eyewitness News into real action as Zero helped search an abandoned home the city had secured but someone broke into.

This time the house was empty, but Zero and his handler Sergeant Zsak James have seen plenty of danger. In fact, they recently broke the state record for career K-9 arrests.

"We are the risk takers, we're the first in and the last out," Sergeant James said.

Using his powerful nose, Zero can smell suspects and drugs before police can find them. James and Zero have made 66 arrests since teaming up in 2007 and kept countless fellow officers from harm.

"He is a member of the family of this organization and every night he goes out and takes one for the team," Chief Scott Thomson said.

One of Zero's best assets is that he's very versatile, he can go from scaring people into making better decisions, to being a friendship builder for the police department.

Kids are attracted to Zero like a magnet and he even has a command called "cute and cuddly."

"We are not supposed to be an occupying force, we are here as an agent of change. An agent of change to help bring the city back to its former glory, and that's what we intend to do," Sergeant James said.

With Zero leading the way, the department hopes to add several more dogs to their K-9 force.

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