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TTYM: Watch DeAndre Jordan 'Fart' On People And Braylon Edward's Twitter Fail

In this week's That Thing You Missed:  A brawl breaks out at Macho Comacho's funeral, Braylon Edwards cooks his goose with a Tweet And DeAndre Jordan enjoys using a fart machine on people in his spare time.  

DeAndre Jordan Is Horsing Around


If you were the emerging star center of the Clippers how would you spend your spare time? Popping bottles at the latest and greatest LA Lounge? Obvi!

Well, that’s not exactly the case for DeAndre Jordan.  Instead, the nearly seven-foot wonder has been trolling Venice Beach pretending to fart on people – and attempting to scare people by wearing a horse mask – and it’s all caught on tape for the web series Got ‘Em.

And just who exactly is getting a kick out of these harmless pranks?  That would be DeAndre Jordan. And only, DeAndre Jordan.

His scare tactic skills are so horrific – he couldn’t even rattle Eric Berry.

Full Story Via CBS Los Angeles

Well, Of Course This Happened

What better way to celebrate the flamboyant life of boxing great Hector “Macho” Camacho than with a fight, am I right?

Well, between two of his girlfriends.

At this wake.

Literally, over his dead body.

The level of class the boxing world continues to attract never ceases to amaze me.

Full Story Via CBS Tampa

Bird Brain Braylon

It’s been a rough few weeks for Mark Sanchez, but at least one NFL player is strongly defending him.

Unfortunately, that player is one-time Jet Braylon Edwards.  And to make matters worse he did it via Twitter and managed to piss off Gang Green’s front office by calling his former bosses “idiots.”

Interestingly, Mark Sanchez still has a job.  Edwards, alas was released from his position with the Seattle Seahawks the day after the Tweet was sent.


Even more amusing, Edwards then apologized for defending Sanchez, but never deleted the offending Tweet.

Seriously, If Roger Goodell really wants to protect his players – he’d ban them from Twitter.

**Update:  Well, ladies and gentlemen it looks like the joke is on me!  Gang Green has actually just claimed the wide receiver off waivers! He is a Jet once again.  No, this isn't a bad joke.  This is true.  

Holy Cow. Maybe Edwards was right!

 Full Story Via CBS New York

Flash Of Genius?

Every year Timberwolves' All-Star Kevin Love teams up with the Salvation Army to inspire fans to donate new and gently used coats.

Which is awesome, 'cause I totally encourage athletes to give back to the community.

Now stage a photo op and call it a day.

Only, Love decided to release this – a video you won’t be surprised to hear he wrote and produced himself.

Genius:  What a better way to prod people into donating their new and gently used coats than by dressing like a 42nd Street flasher.

Clearly, Love and DeAndre Johnson share the hobby of self entertaining.

And, fortunately for the cast of Saturday Night Live, no one has to be worried about losing their job. 

Full Story Via CBS Minnesota

The ABC's of College Basketball

What do you do if your're the Indiana Hoosier's basketball coach making two mil a year and you drop your gum on the court?

Well, if you're Tom Crean you pick it up and put it back in your mouth.

When asked, Crean noted the "5 second rule" was in effect.

Full Story Via CBS Chicago

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