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Protesters, Supporters Clash As Donald Trump Meets Black Leaders In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As dozens of protesters made their disapproval loud and clear, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with about a dozen African-American community leaders at The View in Philadelphia.

One of them was Renee Amoore. She is the deputy chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party. "We talked about healthcare," Amoore said. "People are so concerned about people being healthy. Not just physical health, but mental health. So, we talked about all those issues that are important to our community. He talked about jobs and how to help ex-offenders get jobs," Amoore said.

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Many protesters were not convinced. "It's a smoke and mirrors type of thing," said protester Leigh Owens. "He's doing it as a politician and in a lot of cases, that's what politicians have to do."

"Any leader, or so-called leader who is going to meet with Donald Trump today and listen to that bigot, or even be in the same room as that bigot, does not speak for us," said Black Lives Matter protester Asa Khalif.

While protesters said they're frustrated by Trump's comments about minority groups, others like Amoore say Trump's comments have been taken out of context. When asked, Amoore said she disagrees with protesters that refer to the presidential nominee as a bigot.

Police say most of the protests were peaceful, but officers did break up a brief scuffle between a Trump supporter and a protester. "He's the only candidate who has the ability to tell the truth," the Trump supporter said.

Trump is expected to meet with African-American leaders in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday.

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