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Trump Campaign Declaring Pennsylvania Win For President Despite Hundreds Of Thousands Of Outstanding Ballots

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Trump campaign is suing the City of Philadelphia to stop the vote count after, they say, campaign observers have not been given proper access to witness what is happening. President Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump, attorney Rudy Giuliani, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and staffer Corey Lewandowski spoke at the last-minute press conference in front of Atlantic Aviation near the Philadelphia International Airport.

They are alleging fraud in the vote tallying happening in Philadelphia. Eric Trump also says the campaign is declaring Pennsylvania a win for the president, even though there are still hundreds of thousands of outstanding ballots and the race still being too close to call.

At issue here is how Trump poll watchers are observing the vote tallying at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Giuliani alleges those observers are being kept more than 30 feet away and are not able to see whether the mail-in ballots are valid.

They're suing all 67 Pennsylvania Boards of Election, asking a judge to force a stop to the vote count and use the current vote totals to determine a winner.

"The Democrats know that the only way they can win this election is to cheat in Pennsylvania," Eric Trump said.

"The observers can be 20, 30 feet away, never able to see the ballot itself, never able to see if it was properly postmarked, properly addressed, properly signed on the outside, all the things that often lead to disqualification of ballots or make it very easy to dump 50,000 totally fraudulent ballots because they're not observed," Giuliani said.

Giuliani also says the same discrepancies are happening in Michigan and Wisconsin and the campaign plans to file lawsuits in those states as well.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, with called race in Wisconsin and Michigan in his favor, and just shy of the 270 electoral votes needed to secure a win, addressed the country on Wednesday afternoon.

"Now after a long night of counting, it's clear we're winning enough states to reach 270 electoral votes to reach the presidency," Biden said. "I'm not here to declare we've won, but I am here to report when the count is finished, that we are the winners."


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