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Trump, Biden Supporters Gather Outside Pennsylvania Convention Center As Ballot Counting Continues

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Pennsylvania Convention Center remains a flashpoint for protesters for both presidential candidates. President Donald Trump and Joe Biden supporters remain on separate sides of Arch Street this afternoon.

There's been a lot of anxiety this week as we all wait to hear the results of the election. Ballots continue to be counted inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

With confetti leftover from Thursday night's party, the celebration for some continued on Friday, with a DJ spinning beats for most of the day, sprinkled with guest speakers and prayer throughout.

There's a significantly smaller group of Trump supporters this afternoon, but they remain steadfast.

Biden supporters continue to show up in large numbers. On Friday morning they were handing out yellow sweaters, standing and partying in unison.

One thing we noticed that was different today, Biden supporters are now holding banners, while staying on their side of the street, somewhat blocking their view of the opposing side, while enjoying their party.

With Biden taking a lead in the Pennsylvania race and only a few thousand votes left to count, Biden supporters are claiming victory and want every ballot to be counted.

"I want to talk about what it means to stand here in the city of liberty today and say that this is the city that delivered the blow to Donald Trump's presidency," City Councilmember Helen Gym said.

"I was telling the young people on my block in Nicetown, in North Philly who didn't give a damn about voting because this system wasn't designed for them or us. I told them if they elected me into this office I'll prove that every vote counts. And I expect you to turn out and do it again in 2020. And guess what? We did it, we did it," City Councilmember Kendra Brooks said.

However, Trump supporters are already asking for a recount. While some Biden supporters believe Trump should concede, Republicans say no way.

A recent Republican candidate for Congress made her way to stand in line Friday.

"Frankly, there should be a recount. They should start matching signatures in the books and voter registrations too and keeping that integrity for both sides for both Biden and Trump," said Dasha Pruett of Upper Darby.

With Biden taking a slight lead in Pennsylvania, even a Gritty lookalike showed up to the party.

"I hope Biden wins. I find him more of a unifying factor instead of Donald Trump who has been using rhetoric to not only divide the nation but to send thugs to threaten to stop the ballot," said Ben Mendez.

For now, both sides are waiting for an accurate count.

"I would rather wait and be on the side of what's fair than rush into something that's not accurate, so absolutely I'll wait. I'll wait," Jennifer Fisher said.

"Donald Trump rescued us and now we're here. We got his back. We're here for him," Edward Young said.

Although things have calmed down Friday night, there has been an around-the-clock police presence in the area. At this hour, the streets in the area have reopened.


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