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Trump Ads Targeting Amish Voters

PENNSYLVANIA (CBS) -- A conservative political action committee rolled out a new ad campaign designed to get more votes for Donald Trump and they're targeting a special segment of voters in Pennsylvania.

The new advertisements read -- "Did You Know" and lists a series of facts about presumptive nominee Donald Trump like-- he's doesn't drink, has a strong work ethic, has a family run business -- and if elected would appoint pro-life justices to the US Supreme Court

"These things were all picked because they are different points that the Amish would appreciate."

Ben Walters is fundraising counsel for the AMISH PAC. The group has raised $25,000 in three months to put ads in newspapers like The Budget read by the Amish in Pennsylvania and the Holmes County Shopper in Ohio.

trump poster
(credit: AMISH pac)

"Our goal is to keep these ads running all the way up to election day."

Walters acknowledges the small Amish population of only 2,000 voters, but says the polls show a close Clinton-Trump race in Pennsylvania.

"The Amish vote, really, really could make a difference."

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