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Tropical Storm Karen Could End Delaware Valley Dry Spell

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - If your outdoor plants have been pretty dry the last couple weeks, it's not your imagination. There hasn't been a drop of rain for a while in the region.

By any standard, the last couple of weeks have been beautiful if you wanted to spend time outdoors. But for plants, it's a different story.

Dr. Joe Sobel of Accuweather says, "It has been dry the last two to three weeks. Although rainfall in September wasn't that bad. Officially at the airport, we had about 3.25 inches. Normal is about 3.75."

But most of that rain came in the early part of September. And Sobel says we haven't had any tropical storms blow through either.

"We have not had any tropical influences yet, but a dry spell lasting a couple weeks in late September into early October is really not that unusual."

Plus, he adds Tropical Storm Karen is beginning to form in the Gulf and could be heading our way by Monday.

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