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Trial Opens For Narberth Woman Charged In 2011 Buttocks-Enhancement Death

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Trial began today for the so-called "Black Madam," accused in Philadelphia in the death in 2011 of a woman who had hired the defendant to increase the size of her buttocks with silicone injections.

The defendant, Padge Victoria Windslowe, admits she did black-market butt enhancement procedures, and says everybody called her the "Michelangelo of buttocks enhancement."  The transgendered woman, who also calls herself Lillian of "Bodies by Lillian," has pleaded not guilty to third-degree murder and other charges against her.

Prosecutor Carlos Vega opened the state's case by telling the jury that Windslowe pumped "poison" -- machinery grade silicone -- into the bodies of women, sealing it in with "crazy glue."

Vega says one woman who traveled from London to Philadelphia died after receiving the treatment when the silicone got into her lungs and brain and killed her.

Finally, Vega said, at the end of the case the jury will see the evil and harm the defendant has done.

Defense attorney David Rudenstein acknowledges that Windslowe did the buttocks enhancements but says Windslowe thought she was doing good and thought the procedure was safe.  As proof, Rudenstein has told the jury, Windslowe had also injected herself.

Stay tuned to KYW Newsradio 1060 and for updates on this trial as they are received.



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