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Eagles, Giants loaves selling out at Trenton bakery

Eagles, Giants loaves selling out at Italian Peoples Bakery in Trenton
Eagles, Giants loaves selling out at Italian Peoples Bakery in Trenton 02:00

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) -- The countdown to the Eagles playoff game is on. Did you know that if you travel about 45 minutes east of Philly, you'll come to a place where it can be a 50-50 split among fans? We're talking the Birds and the Big Blue. 

If you grew up in Mercer County you know that the rivalry between the Eagles and Giants runs deep there. At Italian Peoples Bakery, Eagles green and Giants blue loaves are selling out ahead of the big game.

"We bleed green. We live with the team. We die with them," said Eagles fan Joe Fox.

"I think the Giants can upset 'em," said Joe Ippolito, a Giants fan. 

Many stopping by for the Eagles green and Giants big blue bread. 

"We've got a household of a devout Eagles fan and a devout Giants fan," said Carl Ippolito, a Giants fan.

But some Eagles fans, like Fox, are willing to bend for those they love. 

"Eagles bread, and I actually got a loaf of the Giants bread for my son's fiancé, Jenn," Fox said. "Couldn't bring that rivalry home."

Italian Peoples Bakery says it's been hard keeping Eagles and Giants baked goods on the shelves. Especially, the Eagles. 

So far, about one hundred loaves of both colors were sold. But Friday, more green was back in the mixer and coming out of the oven.

Dying bread is a tradition for the bakery around the holidays. But the turnover to rep sports teams happened back when the Birds went to the Super Bowl. 

"We had a little leftover green from Christmas so we started baking that and just forming it into E's for Eagles." Matthew Guagliardo, owner and Giants fan said. "It went crazy." 

"We're centrally located. No one knows what they want. You got north, you got south; we're right in the middle so every one gets to choose," Guagliardo said. 

It's easy to see the cashier Mary Kohlke's alliance. She's feeling another Super Bowl run for the Birds. 

"The Giants, eh. As long as I can see my Eagles beat them, I'll be happy," Kohlke said. 

The owners at Italian Peoples Bakery say their best advice to scoop one up is to score early.  

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