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'Associating A Specific Room With Warmth': Expert Advice On Transitioning Into Fall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--It's the last day of summer, but hardly feeling like fall.

"This is beautiful," said Charles Collins of West Philadelphia.

"I took my dog for a swim at Wissahickon," said Kristin Yeager of Manayunk.

"It's one last hurrah," added Mike Roden of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

"I just kind of feel confused," admitted Philly resident Jai Agrawal.

With temperatures in the mid to upper 80's for at least a few more days, some are savoring their last stretch of summer, while others want to fast forward to fall.

"Absolutely, it's time," said Yeager.

From football Sundays to pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters and snuggles that feel much better, everybody can think of something they love about the upcoming season.

"I love the flaming foliage, it's beautiful," said Toni Moore of East Mount Airy.

And the fact that it isn't snowing yet is just one more reason.

"No, never ready for snow!" said Yeager.

If you are someone who has trouble transitioning from summer to fall and eventually winter, Ben King, a staff therapist at the Council for Relationships suggests you get as much sunlight as possible or take Vitamin D.

King encourages his clients to keep up on self-care, like exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep.

And finally, he suggests creating a cozy room in your house. Think warmly painted walls, a heat source, some lamps and plenty of comfy pillows and blankets.

"Associating a specific room or object with warmth and relaxation can instantly trigger those feelings when you're exposed to it," said King.


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