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Transgender Day of Visibility: Biological children a routine part of reproductive medicine

International Transgender Day of Visibility
International Transgender Day of Visibility 02:10

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Rallies across the country Friday showing support for Transgender Day of Visibility. It's designed to celebrate trans and non-binary people and to raise awareness about the discrimination they face.

An increasing number of trans men and women are becoming parents and growing families.

Doctors say trans people having biological children is now a routine part of medicine.

"I was assigned female at birth," Trystan Reese.

Reese identifies as a trans man who gave birth to a baby five years ago.

"I was born with a uterus, with eggs," Reese said. "My partner has the other parts that you need to make a baby."

"We need to bust out of a lot of preconceived notions," Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann said.

Dr. Gutmann is an endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates in Philadelphia and King of Prussia where they help trans people have families.

"Everybody has a right to have their family of choice," Gutmann said.

It's part of the message being shared on Transgender Day of Visibility.

"We want a world where people can be their best selves," Reese said. "Can show up and be great parents, can be in happy families." "There's a lot of data to show that transgender pregnancy or parenthood is not dangerous is not experimental."

With a growing tide of anti-trans legislation, protests are happening across the country. People standing up against transphobic attacks.

"You can't bully or shame someone out of being trans," Reese said. "I was born into a body that just didn't happen to line up with who I am."

Reese hopes this day of visibility will help educate people and provide connections and services to trans individuals who need help.

"It's really vital to connecting people to resources to support," Reese said. "We know that it is literally life-saving that's why Transgender Day of Visibility exists."

Research shows trans people increasingly have become the targets of violence and have higher rates of depression and suicide.

We have links to a variety of resources and hotlines for help:

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