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Torrey Smith On Philly Special: 'Probably Illegal, But Jeffery Checked With Ref'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The NFL said the ruling is a "judgement call," but the former NFL head of officiating says the Philly Special was an illegal formation.

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"I know the league came out and said that it's a judgment call, which it is," FOX analyst Mike Pereira said via Clark Judge of the Talk of Fame Network. "The down judge, who was the one that [the play] was on his side of the field, they felt that it was his judgment, and [Alshon Jeffery] was close enough. Well, he wasn't. They lined up wrong."


Torrey Smith talked about the ruling and the way receivers and refs communicate in regards to lining up on the line of scrimmage, on Tuesday's 94WIP Morning Show. 

"If you can communicate that, even if you're kind of back a little too far -- which to be completely honest, that probably was an illegal formation," Smith admitted. "But he checked with the ref. So, sometimes you can hear him, sometimes you can't. But everything about his body language was telling the ref that he was on the ball, so sometimes the ref gives you leeway. It's their judgement. He could have been the guy that's like, 'Hey you said you're on the ball, but you really weren't. So I'm going to give you the penalty.'

"It's one of those things that doesn't make any sense anyway," Smith said. "Why is that really a penalty?"

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"It had no effect on the play whatsoever."

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