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Golfers Rejoice! Topgolf Is Coming To South Jersey

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (CBS) -- UPDATE: Construction on Topgolf Mount Laurel along Centerton Road started in October 2017, a little later than expected.

But during a groundbreaking ceremony, Topgolf's Tanner Micheli assured everyone the finished product will be well worth the wait.

"Our facility is set up to entertain all skill levels, all age groups and just be a place for people to come and have a good time," he said.

Topgolf Mount Laurel groundbreaking cbs

The 65,000 square foot Topgolf Mount Laurel is now expected to be open sometime in Fall 2018.

Micheli says they are planning on entertaining 450,000 visitors each year, and hope to provide jobs to over 500 people in the community.


Original story from September 2016

Topgolf has become one of the more popular activities in the country and there's good news for golf fans in the Delaware Valley.

Next year, you can swing away in South Jersey when Topgolf opens in Mount Laurel.

"Players hit microchip golf balls and it tracks the accuracy and distance of each of their golf shots," explains Topgolf's Morgan Wallace. "And they hit into a target on an outfield and they play different games based on chipping and long drives and just competition games in general."

topgolf 2
(Credit: Topgolf)

Wallace says the game is designed for all skill levels:

"There are things there for individuals to do that have never swung a club before or those that are golfers. I think it's just really picked up as a great entertainment option that multiple guests can enjoy."

Don't feel like swinging clubs? Topgolf also features other games, music, food and drinks to name a few. And the ranges are heated, which Wallace says allows for year round play:

topgolf 3
(Credit: Topgolf)

"We will be open 363 days a year, rain, snow, sun, whatever it might be we will be open. It's a good option for those that are golfers that might not be able to get out on the course every weekend."

She says area high school golf teams will also be allowed to practice there...for free.

Topgolf Mount Laurel is expected to open in Fall 2017. A venue opens in North Jersey later this year.

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