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Top Vodka Cocktails In Philadelphia

Vodka is the beautiful distilled creation from the potato. With it are many drink possibilities, from your classic martinis to Bloody Marys or the simplicity of the Vodka Gimlet. Vodka is so versatile it can replace many other alcohols for those who prefer its clean and lighter taste. There are truly many places in Philly to get a great martini or Vodka Cocktail, it depends on your mood and budget. However, there always seems to be a few places that like, cream, rise to the top.
138 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19106
(215) 923-6069

At the top of our list would be the Continental, simply because it is the people's choice for a martini bar. Martinis can be made with vodka or gin, and you will have no shortage of flavors here. You also have the option to order Vodka Flights to sample the differences between them.  If you love bacon and vodka, try the infused Wake and Bacon Bloody Mary. The Continental has an upscale diner feel to it, with lovely décor and also sells food to match. Here you can find delicious wontons, calamari rings, cheesesteaks and desserts. Take note, it can get very crowded in here on popular nights for going out.

4382 Main St.
Manayunk, PA. 19127
(215) 483-6226

Over on the main line in Manayunk is Zesty's. You can find some delicious vodka-infused drinks here, or even just ones for fun and energy such as the Vodka Red Bull. One of their most decadent is the Black Forest, which mixes up Patron Café, Raspberry Vodka, Chambord and cream — it is a dessert in a glass. Zesty not only does specialty drinks — there is also a full menu of food in the Mediterranean style, this way you are able to fill your belly with delicious food to absorb some of the vodka.

1091 Lancaster Ave.
Berwyn, PA. 19312
(610) 725-9000

Nectar is a high-end bar/restaurant in the style of Asian fusion and they also have the best sake menu in the city. If you enjoy sushi and sashimi, you may wish to consider the sake martini. Nectar is known for their quality, so all of their drinks are made with fresh fruit juices as opposed to syrups. One of their more popular vodka cocktails is the mango-ginger martini or the apple cider martini which also includes bourbon, sparkling apple cider, caramel and cinnamon.

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1229 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 790-9494

Valanni is over in the Washington Square section of Philly and is described by patrons as "stylish." Valanni provides some spectacular martinis with a chic atmosphere and some of the best desserts. So if you want to get into a mild sugar coma, this is the place to go. You have many choices on vodka-based martinis, one of the most popular is the classic Dirty Martini, which is topped with blue cheese-stuffed olives. One of their most popular dessert dishes is the Oreo Beignets. This dessert is like a classy carnival in your mouth; the taste is similar to a funnel cake wrapped around some Oreos and served with a side of ice cream.

The Ranstead Room
2013 Ranstead St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19103
(215) 563-3330

This hip, speakeasy bar is dimly lit and serves some smooth drinks. You will find it at the back of the El Rey Restaurant in Rittenhouse Square, but many describe it as a "hidden gem."  The drinks change daily, and also with the season, so you can try a wide variety of cocktails. One delicious vodka creation served here is the Moscow Mule, which is vodka with ginger and lime.  The bartenders here are described as exceptional and have a strong knowledge of spirits. The Ranstead Room's location in the middle of Rittenhouse Square makes a great option for walking.

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Christina Dagnelli is a freelance writer in Philadelphia and the author of Little Squares with Colors: A Different way to look at autism. Her work on examiner can be found here
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