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Top Up-And-Coming Philadelphia Bands Of 2014

In the City of Brotherly Love, the local music scene has more than its fair share of great up-and-coming bands. Here we have the five most popular groups by genre -- Alternative Pop, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock and Roots Music groups -- also featured in The Deli Magazine.

The Districts

The Districts is a college-age band originally from Lancaster County, not far from Philadelphia. With the release of their debut album, "Telephone," in 2012, the four-piece band's popularity has steadily climbed in the Philly music scene. Drawing heavily from the rock and soul of the 1960s and 1970s, the group's music has been compared to the "modern musicianship of the Cold War Kids and Jack White," but with a sound that is all their own

Ground Up
Hip Hop

Ground Up is a hip-hop trio living in Philly. Members of the group include producer Bij Lincs, whose "eccentric style and uncanny musical talent [is said to be] complimentary to the witty wordplay and thoughtful lyrics of the two." The group is said to have been providing consistent stoner jams, with their fan base multiplying with each mixtape. They recently launched their own clothing line, and refuse to settle for anything less than cultivating a nationwide brand for themselves.

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Hezekiah Jones
Roots Music

Hezekiah Jones explains that what started originally as a band with a rotating cast of musicians has essentially coalesced into the six piece they are now. Known for their crafting of songs and the musicianship of their players, the group's members hail from around the Philadelphia area, where for the past few years, they have been making a name for themselves in the greater folk community in the City of Brotherly Love. In addition to the band's endeavors, each member has a project or two of his own to work on. When working together, the band's interests range from music, backgammon, travel and books to family, drinks, camping, cribbage, ducks, "hole diggery," shrimp and other things.

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Radiator Hospital
Alternative Pop

Originally from Grand Rapids, Mich., Radiator Hospital calls Philly home these days. "We are a rock band of rockers who love to rock," they say. The band's influences are Blade Runner, the Alien Quadrilogy and X-Files. Their record labels are Amanda Bynes Tapes, Salinas Records, Party Nogg! Records, Forward Records, Double Double Whammy, Lafayette, Stupid Bag and Already Dead Tapes. Comments from fans call Radiator Hospital's music "groovy" with surfer undertones. Another fan says, "This prolific band just keeps getting better and better, and the current lineup is proving unstoppable with their '80s-to-'90s-esque pop punk."


Philadelphia rock band the Restorations is a "hard-hitting" group of musicians who captivated their crowd recently "with their melodic vocals and airy instrumental arrangements, with a punk rock twist." See what this indie band brings to the stage in live performances. "Known for their hooky instrumentals and heavy vocals, Restorations might just take this formula to the next level on LP3, resulting in an incredibly dynamic live performance. "

Christy Ayala covers sports, recreation, the outdoors, and leisure activities in the Philadelphia area. She earned a masters degree in recreation administration from George Williams College and managed programs in the Midwest, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. Her work can be found on

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