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Top Spots For Home Décor

As the urge to go nuts with spring cleaning sets in, you might also be feeling the need to redecorate all of those newly-clean nooks and crannies. Here's where to shop for fun, fabulous home décor in the Philly area. – Chelsea Karnash

Open House

Though the website is a liiiittle intense—with "manifestos" for everything from molars to, um, the Allen Wrench (!?)—don't be intimidated when planning a visit to this cute Midtown Village shop. With gifts from $15 to $200+ and tons of knick knacks and goodies, there's something for everyone—including the much-coveted "We Heart Philly" line.

Going to Lavender Hill is like going on a treasure hunt. The small store is cluttered, with multiple paintings stacked on top of each other and chandelier upon chandelier hanging from the ceiling, but it's incredibly fun to take your time and pick through everything. In addition to an abundance of art, furniture, lighting, mirrors and pillows, the boutique also stocks vintage bags and jewelry, and the prices are reasonable, too.

Scarlet Fiorella

Hand-painted furniture. Clothing. Bedding. Jewelry. This Market East boutique has it all, and friendly staff to boot. While it's technically an apparel and accessories retailer, those in the know suggest stopping in frequently to peruse the store's selection of recycled, hand-painted furniture. But be warned: it's going to be really hard to resist that adorable "No Hablo" onesie—whether you have kids or not!

Three Potato Four

Manayunk has more than 20 furniture and home goods stores, but Three Potato Four is by far the coolest. Open "by appointment or by chance," 3-P 4 is located just off Main inside an old textile mill. The place is stocked with vintage goodies as well as original signs and knick knacks created by owners Janet and Stu, who started the biz because of their love of collecting. And since this place isn't open all that much, Three Potato Four has a user-friendly (and adorable!) website, where you can shop the entire store and find info on the next "Barn Sale" or event.

Oh, and J & S's blog (accessible via the website), makes for a fun and inspirational read, too.

(Credit: Chelsea Karnash,

If I died today, I'd want my heaven to look exactly like Terrain. Sure, a dining room table made of reclaimed wood costs, like, $6000, and who the hell drinks something called Elderflower pressé, but this store is just so fantastical, so whimsical, so inspiring that I don't care.

Because at Terrain, I aspire. Despite my black thumb, my tiny muddy backyard (with the—sigh—chain link fence) transforms into boundless acres of blooming flowers reminiscent of the Idea Garden at Longwood (only better!). And though I don't really cook, I am utterly convinced I'm capable of using a package of exotic dried mushrooms for a meal that requires a recipe and doesn't involve hallucinations (which is, essentially, a hallucination right there).

And while I could wax poetic about this eclectic and glorious Barn of Beautiful Things for paragraphs and paragraphs, I'll wrap it up: A trip to Terrain is like the phenomenon of beer goggles, only it's not just the bearded hipster behind the counter that looks better, it's the entire world. And even if I go home with something slightly regrettable—like a five-foot-high terrarium filled with African violets, miniature nests and wooden birds, or a $15 jar of extra-spicy artisan pickles (full disclosure: this actually happened), I just can't resist doing it again…and again…and again…

charles_ghost by Philippe Starck Minima

More art gallery than furniture store, Minima is the polar opposite of Terrain: Sleek. Spare. Minimalist. Inside this all-white showroom, you'll find über-modern, upscale (and expensive!) lines like Cappellini, Frighetto and Desalto. If you can spend some serious dinero and tend to fall hard for contemporary design, this is your place.

Hello Home

At these adorable sister stores, you'll find everything you could possibly dream of for your home, plus hostess, holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts for all of your friends. While Hello World focuses on candles, baby clothes, jewelry, bags and small goods, Hello Home is where you want to look for big purchases; they've got every type of furniture—from vintage to contemporary—for your home.

Roots Inc

On a mission for a paper mâché crab made by Haitian artisans (seriously) and some super awesome retro bar ware? Roots Inc has got you covered. With striped walls in white and tan that contrast with some of the bright goodies up for sale, this Chestnut Hill shop has a beachy, laidback vibe and is chock-full of fun stuff for your crib. Plus, the website allows you to create your own wish list, so you can keep tabs on every single item you just have to have.

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