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Top Meat Lover's Pizza In Philadelphia

Who doesn't love pizza? Who doesn't love meat on their pizza! Pizza has become one of the number one take out choices in the United States since anyone can remember. It's an easy go-to meal when you are in a rush or to serve at a party. Ordering pizza from one of the many chains across the nation makes life easy, but true meat lovers will go out of their way to find the best pizza in their hometown. Philadelphia has a wide range of pizza joints and one, in particular, was voted the best in the nation by Bon Appetit. We've also found some other fine pizza joints around the city that customers rave about. Why not make it your mission to visit them all?
Pizzeria Beddia
115 E Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Pizzeria Beddia was voted the number one pizza in the nation by Bon Appetit, so it must be pretty darn good. Actually purchasing the pizza is anything but convenient, so make sure you know what you are doing because it is worth the wait. Beddia only has evening hours from Wednesday to Saturday. The Pizzeria is very tiny with only a few standing-only tables so be prepared for taking out since it is always crowded. They are a cash only establishment and you can not order ahead by phone because they have no phone. Plan to walk in and order your pizza and either wait quite awhile for your order or go home and come back later. Fingers are crossed that maybe someday they will expand.

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110 S. 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 546-9300

Barbuzzo opened their doors in 2010 and they have been going strong ever since. The popular Mediterranean joint serves up some delicious pizza. Their pies are thin crust which is crispy and comes with a variety of original toppings. Try the Brussel sprouts topping or the wild boar sausage, you won't be disappointed.

2604 E. Somerset St.
Philadelphia, PA 19134
(215) 425-4983

Tacconelli has been on the list of "Best Pizza" for many many years in Philadelphia. Your best bet is to call ahead to order your pizza, not just an hour before but days before. Tacconelli's is that popular. All you can get at Tacconelli's is pizza so forget the fantasy of getting garlic knots with your order.

Zio's Brick Oven Pizzeria
111 S 13th St.
Philadelphia PA, 19107
(215) 425-4983

Zio's is another pizza parlor gem found in the heart of Midtown Village. They serve quite a variety of pizza but also serve salads, pasta, calzones and more. Take a shot at something new and different and order the shrimp topping on your pizza. It is delicious!

DiBruno Bros.
930 S. 9th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 922-2876

DiBruno is known for their bread and cheese, so why wouldn't they serve an excellent pizza? Some may not even be aware they serve pizza but surprise! They do, and it is spectacular. The thin crust pizza can be found in their Italian grocery and comes with a variety of flavors including prosciutto pizza.

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