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Top New Food Trucks To Try In 2013

Cheap eats on the move? We're all about it! Here are the newest Philly food trucks to try in 2013. – Chelsea Karnash

Cupcake Carnivale

The newest sweet truck hitting the streets is Cupcake Carnivale, serving Philly folks freshly baked gourmet cupcakes Monday through Friday. Flavors include scrumptiousness like the "Winter Carnivale" (a chocolate mocha cupcake with peppermint buttercream icing) and the "Banana Bonanza" (banana cake with marshmallow cream icing and vanilla wafer cookies). Bonus: Buy six and get one free; buy 12 (you know you want to!) and get two free.

Mac Mart Truck

Philly's only mac 'n cheese food truck is truly a savory trendsetter. Helmed by Drexel grad Marti Lieberman, this cheerful truck brings your childhood fav back to life with innovative mix-ins, toppings and combos. Try the B.R.A.T. Mac made with crispy bacon bites, diced tomatoes, panko crumbs and homemade ranch; or opt to build-your-own mac 'n cheese bowl. And if you're looking to feed the entire fam, Mac Mart has you covered with its massive "Monstrous Mac" size option, which offers enough cheesy goodness for all of you to enjoy.

Cherry Bomb Bus

Former Top Chef contestant Jennifer Zavala and pastry artist Christina Clark have reassured anxious Philadelphians their yellow school bus turned food truck is "coming soon." How soon that is, we don't know, but in the meantime, it's up to you to ponder the delicacies to be created by this dynamic duo, who've previously referred to the truck's menu as "stoner food."Um, yum?


Sourcing straight from numerous local farms, this laidback, tan-colored newbie lives up to its name. Offerings on the rotating menu range from a pork belly sandwich with apple, spinach and hoisin sriracha to an apple-walnut salad with cantaloupe-basil vinaigrette and more. If you're looking for mobile food with morals, this is your truck.

Sunflower Truck

Bright and quirky, the four-wheel extension of Pottstown's Shorty's Sunflower Café isn't just a feast for your stomach but one for your eyes. It bills itself a "beacon for hungry travelers," and with comfort food like English Monkey Bread Muffins and droolworthy sandwiches, how could it not be? While the owners are still exploring spots in the city, you can find this yellow truck parked at the Phoenixville Farmers' Market from 10 until noon every Saturday.

Just Jackie's Food Truck

For great soups and sandwiches bound to spice up your lunch break, look for this new neon green food truck. Like Sunflower, think classic comfort food along the lines of cheesesteaks, burritos and wraps, all with a twist. 15th and Spring Garden Street is acting as JJ's city base for now, but keep an eye on their Twitter account -- more locations are expected to be added to the roster soon.

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