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Top Chili Dishes In Philadelphia

When winter weather settles in, nothing hits the spot like a steaming bowl of chili. There are a ton of ways to make it, with a wide selection of ingredients and varying degrees of heat. From vegetarian-friendly bean chili to triple-beef chili, these spots are serving up the best versions of this hearty cold-weather favorite.

Bitter Bob's (Credit, Michelle Hein)

Bitter Bob's

110 S. Main St.
New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-0262

Just a short drive from the city to Bucks County, this cozy BYOB, owned by Bob and Elisa Kascik, serves authentic and unique barbecue along with good ole' comfort food. The award-winning house chili is dubbed The Double Nickel and is named for the five meats, five chili peppers and variety of beans used to make it. It's been offered on the menu just about since the restaurant opened in 2010. Newly available on the menu this winter is Chef Bob's Boar Barrel Chili. It's made with a combination of smoked pork shanks, mild fennel sausage, hot Italian sausage, bell peppers and onions, roasted tomatoes and pinto beans. Chipotle, jalapeno and Serrano peppers give it some heat. It's finished with a sprinkle of bacon that's been roasted with barbecue sauce and brown sugar.

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Fergie's Pub
1214 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 928-8118

Along with traditional favorites such as fish and chips, bangers and mash and shepherd's pie, this neighborhood Irish pub strays from the expected dishes with options like a vegan steak sandwich, house-made hummus and two types of chili. In fact, some say the chili is the best dish you can order. The vegetarian option ($7) is with made with beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and chili peppers. The brisket chili ($9) packs a lot of flavor with house-smoked brisket, beans and spices. Both are topped with melted cheese and sour cream.

Jet Wine Bar
1525 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 735-1116

As the name suggests, Jet Wine Bar boasts a wide selection of wine from all over the world. So you don't drink on an empty stomach, the food menu includes various snacks, sandwiches and other small bites chosen to complement the various wines available. During the colder months, the chili pairs perfectly with a bold red wine. Enjoy a bowl of flavorful ground beef and beans with added heat from bell peppers, chipotles, dried hot peppers, paprika, cayenne and other secret spices. Topped with chopped guindilla peppers and sour cream, this hearty dish is served with delicious warm bread on the side for $8.

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Percy Street Barbecue
900 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 625-8510

With Chef Erin O'Shea at the helm, Percy Street Barbecue is serving up Texas-style barbecue favorites with a few updates. The hearty vegan chili is made with black beans, bell peppers and a grilled chili pepper pico de gallo. At $7, it's the perfect appetizer and goes great with the skillet cornbread with jalapenos, cheddar cheese and honey butter. If you've really got an appetite, order the chili as part of the $21 combo. It includes one appetizer, one side and one meat of your choice.

Race Street Café

Race Street Cafe

208 Race St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 627-6181

This Old City favorite is known for its comfortable, low-key atmosphere, brunch menu (don't miss the manmosa!) and its chili. The house-made hearty dish goes all out with three meats (chicken, steak and Andouille sausage), tomatoes and a bean blend. It's served with tortilla chips for $8.25 and is perfect paired with one of the 15 beers available on tap. To make it even better, the chili is available on the late night menu served from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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Michelle Hein is the social media editor for a women's fashion company in Bucks County by day and a self-proclaimed food and drink fanatic by night and weekend. She enjoys attending wine classes, trying new recipes in the kitchen and going to old favorites and new restaurants alike in the Bucks County and Philadelphia area. If the writing gig doesn't pan out, she constantly dreams of owning her own bakery…perhaps connected to the restaurant/bar that her lawyer fiance would love to open.

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