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Top Burgers In Philadelphia

Face it, when your inner carnivore needs feeding, nothing will truly satiate that ravenous Cro-Magnon component like a burger. Besides the muscle-nourishing protein factor, there's just something so viscerally satisfying about tearing into a properly prepared patty. Here are five suggestions to help you avoid a revolting burger experience.

Butcher And Singer
1500 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 732-4444

Step into Butcher and Singer's and slip back into a posh era when Hollywood was the epitome of high society. Opulence and glamor were the currency of the rich and powerful. Celebrities dined on only the finest steaks and the most succulent lobsters. A burger was not merely a sandwich, it was an exquisite work of art. The Philadelphia restaurant's namesake menu item, the renowned Butcher Burger, arrives at your table looking hand-crafted by the gods themselves. The mouth-watering luster of 10 ounces of meat slathered in English cheese and tenderly fried onions would cripple the resolve of even the most resolute vegan.

Good Dog Bar
224 S. 15th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 985-9600

No matter how phenomenal a trend may seem in the moment, by its very definition, it is not meant to last. Fashions come and go, but staples endure. Good Dog Bar is fighting to remind people what it means to be Philadelphian. There's a lasting camaraderie that binds friends over good food, that is why Eater listed the Good Dog Burger as one of the top burgers in the entire country. It's straight-forward goodness of ground sirloin stuffed with roquefort cheese on a bun with caramelized onions thrown in for good measure.

1050 N. Hancock St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 964-9009

There's something to be said for an eatery that strives for the outlandish. PYT features "America's craziest burgers," an eclectic, ever-revolving collection of inspired outside-the-bun creations that routinely drop jaws. They've offered the pizza & wings burger, a deep-fried Twinkie burger, a bacon-wrapped jalepeno popper burger, and the bacon mac & cheese donut - not a burger, but worth mentioning if only for shock value. However, the old standby, the gooey go-to burger of iron-stomached patrons, is The Doh! Nut, an American cheese covered beef patty topped with chocolate-covered bacon, all nestled lovingly inside a glazed donut bun.

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Smokin' Betty's
116 S. 11th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 922-6500

Located at the heart of the city, Smokin' Betty's provides diners with wonderful selection of upscale gourmet comfort food. This establishment offers two sizzling signature suggestions that are not to be tampered with. The Betty Burger is, as the menu states, "Angus sirloin burger, confit pork belly, avocado, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic, aioli and runny sunny side up egg." Conversely, the Tur-Duck-En Burger is an entire Thanksgiving feast crammed between two buns.

Standard Tap
901 N. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 238-0630

Located in Northern Liberties, the Standard Tap is an exquisitely restored tavern with an unmatched atmosphere and bountiful selection of beer. Reservations are suggested, but walk-ins are welcome. The chef is a creative, culinary wizard with a talent for turning typical pub fare into a remarkable foodie experience. Though menu items are subject to change frequently, stalwart items, such as the Standard Burger, are a surefire palate pleaser. Standard tap is a proud supporter of urban agriculture and Pennsylvania's "Buy Fresh Buy Local" movement.

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Allen Foster, a lifelong Greater Philadelphia resident, has been writing about all those wonderful things that make us feel so alive for over 20 years. He approaches each day as an adventure, eager to discover what new and vibrant surprises await just around life's corner. You can see his work on

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