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Top 7 Greatest Things About Playing Youth Soccer

By Alex Darcey

With the World Cup tournament in full swing and the nation infected by soccer fever, I can't help but reminisce and think of where it all started for these prized athletes of Team USA. Like most children growing up in America, I played youth soccer and shared the camaraderie and 1-0 victories with my fellow 6-year-old revered teammates.  Looking back on these fond memories, here are the top seven greatest things about playing youth soccer.

7. Not having to play an actual position. (Forget Fullback or Midfielder. It's more like a swarm of killer bees attacking the ball.)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Brian Bahr) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Brian Bahr)

 6. "Accidentally" kicking the kids you don't like from your school. (Even though everyone's shin-guards went up to their hips.)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Stephen Dunn) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Stephen Dunn)

 5. The guaranteed coveted gold-plated participation trophy. (We all have about 13 of these in our attics.)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/John MacDougall) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/John MacDougall)

 4. The vicious team names for a bunch of wobbly toddler athletes (The Tigers, The Scorpions, The Lions, The Sharks....The Box Jellyfish).

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Janek Skarzynski) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Janek Skarzynski)

 3. Being sponsored by your local pizzeria. (Bring on the end of the season pizza partyyy!)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Erik S. Lesser) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Erik S. Lesser)

2. The off-chance of actually scoring a goal. (Basically, the equivalent of winning the Powerball as an adult.)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Simon Bruty) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Simon Bruty)

 1. Halftime orange slices. (And if you were  really lucky, Capri Sun.)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Oil Scariff) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Oil Scariff)


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