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Top 3 Tuesday: Amazing Deals You Can Land With Your Phone

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Want to cash in on some restaurant discounts? Maybe you're looking for a sports coach for your kids? What about learning a language in just 5 minutes a day?

3 On Your Side's Jim Donovan shows how you can do all three and all you need is your smart phone.

Round and round it goes. Where it will stop? Nobody knows.

But one thing's for certain, when dining out using an app called Spotluck, you'll get a discount.

"It's about making a dining decision quickly," said Spotluck CEO, Cherian Thomas.

Thomas says it's sort of like a roulette wheel for restaurants.

Pick a neighborhood or zip code, then spin.

"You get one spin, it picks a random, local spot for you and gives you a smart discount that's calculated based on day time, weather and other factors that affect restaurant occupancy," said Thomas.

At the end of your meal, simply show your phone to your server and the discount is applied.

Launched in June with 80 restaurants, the Spotluck team says there are now over 220.

"We're really proud people love spinning wheels," said Thomas.

Next up, looking for a coach for your kids?

Check out CoachUP, an app that connects athletes with 20 thousand personal coaches in more than 30 sports.

Adam Pyle coaches running in South Jersey.

"CoachUp allows me to have a whole profile from my background in exercise science to whatever certifications I might hold, as well as what the sessions going to entail," said Pyle.

And it's not just for kids.

"I've seen kids from eight years old who's a lacrosse player, all the way up to an adult who's 53 years old," said Pyle.

"We're their back office. We let them do what it is they really want to do, which is coach. They don't want to deal with all the administrative hassles, the insurance, the waivers," said CoachUp CEO, John Kelley.

Finally, want to learn a language but don't have lots of time?

Download drops and learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese or Italian in just five minutes a day for free.

The Drops app also allows you to pay for extra time if you'd like to learn for more than five minutes.

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