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Pat Toomey: Booker Testifying Against Sessions Was 'Offensive'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey chastised Cory Booker, his counterpart from New Jersey, for testifying against Donald Trump's nominee for Attorney General, Alabama Senator Jeff Session, at his confirmation hearing.

Toomey told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Booker's actions to confront Sessions were out of line.


"It's beyond disappointment. It's really offensive to me because the fact is Jeff Sessions is a very good and decent and honorable man. He has so much respect. I've known him for six years now. We're very good friends. He has so much respect for the rule of law, so much respect for the Constitution, such a sense of fairness and decency."

He said he will continue to enthusiastically support Sessions through any Democratic opposition.

"The man is just a terrific person. He's going to be a great Attorney General. I think the other side knows this, but they think they have to cater to some people in their base who've decided to set their hair on fire for no legitimate reason. I'm really disappointed that Cory would thing like what he did."

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