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Tony Luke Is Coming To A Tv Near You

By Hadas Kuznits 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  --  Cheese steak franchise king Tony Luke will be appearing in a new reality show on Spike TV.

The show is called Frankenfood, and Tony Luke, will be the one consistent judge, traveling from city to city looking for the next big food craze.

"I think people are gonna be informed. I think they're gonna run out and try all these new dishes, these new sandwiches and I think that they're really gonna be entertained because the group of people that bring this food in are just so passionate and so charismatic and so eccentric that you're gonna be glued to the screen like omg (oh my god) this show is nuts," Luke said.

As a judge, he has to try the food.

In the pilot for the show, he tried one contestant's "Spicy Latin Cajhones."

Luke says, "it's not the fact the fact that I ate bulls balls, it's the fact that I ate them and liked them! That's the part that is really out there!"

The show will be shot this winter and will air in the spring of 2014.


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