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Today's Grads Choose Work Over Family

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  --  A Wharton Professor conducting a long-term study on the school's Graduates found that 2012 grads were significantly less likely to plan to have a family then their counterparts 20 years before.

Stewart Friedman is Practice Professor of Management and Director of the Wharton Work Life Project at The University Of Pennsylvania.

He says the reason so many students are not sure about family life is not because they don't want too, it's more because of work demands.

Friedman says while it is alarming that 79-percent of 1992 grads responded yes to the question of it they were planning to have children, in 2012 that number dropped to 42-percent.

He says the news isn't all bad, because his data shows th at men and women's views on the responsibilities of juggling work and family are more aligned than ever.

Listen to the extended interview (runs 7:31)...

Wharton Work Life Study

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