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Tina Fey Answers Students' Questions At Temple

by Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Temple students got a thrill on Friday as Upper Darby's favorite daughter, Tina Fey, took their questions.

Fey, known for her TV and film comedies, was on campus to receive an award, but first met with students for an unscripted conversation.

Yes, she's funny, even with no preparation, but Tina Fey made sincere efforts to answer earnest questions from starry-eyed students about how to break into the biz.

"I think hard work is better than this idea of networking. Whatever job you have just work hard, be easy to be around, be a nice person, and you're going to move up, as opposed to kissing people's butts," said Fey.

She even took a shot at answering "what should I major in to become a comedy writer?"

"Whatever you feel the most passionate about, because the important thing is that you're getting a broader education before you get pigeon-holed into a job," answered Fey.

Seeing the disappointment on the students face, she added, "That was no help. I would get a cootie catcher."

Fey talked about her new projects: a musical of Mean Girls, she called the movie the work she's most proud of, and a series about a newsroom. She also spoke about also her distaste for social media, and staying true to yourself.

"Me, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, and we chat every day about different stuff and at least once a week there's like, 'nobody's getting Botox, right? Just checking,'" joked Fey.

Fey also revealed her favorite cheesesteak: Jim's, with provolone.

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