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Social media influencers in Philadelphia react to the possible TikTok ban

Social media influencers in Philadelphia share thoughts on possible TikTok ban
Social media influencers in Philadelphia share thoughts on possible TikTok ban 03:54

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The ongoing debate on whether Americans should be able to use the social media giant, TikTok, has social media influencers thinking about their bottom line.

"We're just two women out of Philadelphia who get kids out the system, we shower them with love," Lila Jones said. Two years ago Jones and her wife started posting on TikTok under the handle @Legendary.Always, inviting others into their blended family.

"At that time I just had my wife's biological two kids and my 4-year-old. It went viral. Our story went viral," said Jones. The couple now has a total of six kids.

In the two years since Jones first posted, her TikTok has $2 million followers.

"TikTok is doing it. We are able to travel year-round with our kids," said Jones. "So it's creating a nice vision for our kids."

Jones and other influencers using TikTok may have to look for other avenues to share content if Congress passes a law to ban the platform.

Katy Kahn teaches 11th grade in Philadelphia. She also provides sports-centered comedy on the platform under her handle @Katyactually with over 153,000 followers.

"I've come to actually depend on that extra money for whatever random stuff I wouldn't have been spending money on before, it's kinda like fun," said Kahn. "If it were to actually be banned, there are other social media platforms. I would hope that the community I built would just follow me to Instagram or follow me to YouTube," Kahn said.

The House bill is expected to face challenges in the Senate, with some lawmakers worried it violates the First Amendment.

As Jones and Kahn wait to see if the bill passes, they said they will continue to create content on TikTok.

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