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"Tired of the blood," West Philly community calls for end of gun violence in wake of Tiffany Fletcher's murder

West Philly community calls for end of gun violence in wake of Tiffany Fletcher's murder
West Philly community calls for end of gun violence in wake of Tiffany Fletcher's murder 02:31

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A mother in mourning as a group of anti-violence activists gathered in West Philadelphia for a rally at the Mill Creek Recreation Center. It's the same rec center where an employee, Tiffany Fletcher, was shot and killed last week.

Police made one arrest, a 14-year-old boy, but as officers still search for three other suspects involved in Fletcher's murder, activists came together Thursday calling to end the violence. 

Drivers honked for peace on the streets as activists urged for a ceasefire.

"We need more public safety in these streets," activist Sajea Purple Blackwell said.

Many protestors held signs like one that said "stop shooting people" at an anti-gun violence rally in West Philadelphia Thursday near the Mill Creek Rec Center.

"We're tired of our babies, our families, our aunts, uncles, mothers and sons being shot down in cold blood," Purple Blackwell said. "We're tired of the carnage. We're tired of the blood."

The rec center is also where Fletcher, a mother of three, was on the job at the time when she was caught in the crossfires of a gun battle and was killed.

"She liked to help people," Geraldine Fletcher said. "She liked to help kids and adults and elders."

Geraldine was Fletcher's mother. She says she heard the gunfire before she saw one of one the gunmen run from the scene. She also says that Tiffany is the second child she has lost to gun violence.

"It hurts real bad. It hurts so bad, words I can't say," Geraldine said. "That's how bad it is."

In the wake of Fletcher's murder, Philly police are amping up their patrols.

"We need to support each other here," James Lambert, an anti-gun violence activist, said. "Humanity for humanity, and it starts in our community first."

Those at the rally hope more police officers will help curb gun violence. Right now, the city is on pace to surpass last year's record number of homicides.

"I'm living in fear," state Rep. Amen Brown said. "No one should be living this way."

So far, more than 385 people have been killed in Philadelphia.

"The mayor, everybody up and down the chain, has to come up with a better strategy than the one they've been using the last two years because it is not working," Jamal Johnson, an anti-gun violence activist, said.

The 14-year-old teenager involved in Fletcher's death has since been arrested and is facing murder charges. He is expected to be tried as an adult.

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